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The BelKraft Water Cooler is designed to replace your regular 'Bottle Cooler' with the purifier built right inside.


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Here are just some of the benefits to this:

Save money: The cost for cartridge replacement is only $119.00 a year . Compare that to the cost of bottled water. If your store or office is using only one bottle a week you save $364.00 a year.

Unlimited Water: The cartridge is good for up to 4800 liters of purified water. Your staff will never run out.

No Heavy Bottles: Your staff will no longer need to lift the heavy bottles onto the cooler.

Space: No need to take up space for the empty or full bottles.

Health: Bottled water is poorly regulated and in many cases the water have high levels of bacteria.

Convenience: Our coolers give you hot, cold and room temperature purifiedwater.

Service: If the holding tanks in a cooler are not sterilized on a regular bases, the bacteria levels can come to a toxic level.

BelKraft does not charge for service or maintenance if we have a distributor in your city. We make sure that your unit stays clean and sanitary.

Quality: This is the best quality cooler we could find. The cabinet is made of durable textured polycarbonate, designed to clean easily and resist scratches for years of use. Efficient, removable, stainless steel hot water tank puts the heating element where it works best - inside the hot tank.

Warranty: Lifetime on the housing and a full five years on the compressor.