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This kit services all our undercounter housings. Each kit contains a Brass T-splitter or a Self Piercing Saddle Valve with 1/4 " hose adapter, Long Neck Faucet with 1/4" hose adapter, 4 feet of 1/4" interconnecting hose, John Guest Quick connecters, ceramic element cleaning pad and detailed installation and cleaning instructions.


Simply disconnect your Flex Hose and put in the brass splitter. The 1/4" hose that is attached plugs directly into your water purifier. No special tools required with Quick Connect fittings.







Self Piercing Saddle Valve - for copper or PVC supply lines. Comes complete with a multi-size pipe backing plate and 1/4 " hose adapter. Heavy duty brass and steel design. Flow rate of approx .6 GPM @30 PSI


Let us know in advance how your kitchen faucet is connected to the cold water line and we will ship the appropriate connection for a simple installation. There are seven different ways to connect your purifier.

long neck filter faucet

Long Neck Faucet - Heavy Duty Brass and Chrome design. Highly polished with two position level. Spring loaded "up" for hands off "full on" flow and a graduated "down" for instant off with volume control.

Comes complete with a John Guest "push-fit" quick release 1/4" hose adapter.

Flow rate of approx .6 GPM @30 PSI

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T-split for ice-maker fridge


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