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Commercial Systems


Ranging from 150 gallons per day to 170.000 gallons per day


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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Titan Series RO

1000 to 4000 GPD

Compact Wall Mount RO

250 to 1200 GPD

Whole House RO

2200 to 6600 GPD


Compact wall RO system


  Whole House RO filter
Sale price from 2995.00  

Sale price from 2400.00

Sale price from 3900.00

Commercial Wall Mount RO

150 to 1200 GPD


Commercial Wall Mount RO

1800 to 5400 GPD


Commercial Floor Model RO

3600 to 10,800 GPD

commercial wall mount RO system   5400 GPD comercial RO system   10,000 GPD RO system
Sale price from 2900.00  
Sale price from 7900.00
Sale price from 12,900.00

Commercial Floor Model RO

14,400 to 21,600 GPD


Commercial Floor Model RO

28,800 to 43,200 GPD


Commercial Floor Model RO

57,600 to 170,000 GPD

21,000 GPD RO system   43,00 GPD commercial reverse osmosis sytem   144,000 GPD reverse osmosis system
Sale price from 28,000.00  
Sale price from 39,000.00
Sale price from 59,000.00



Commercial Quality Filtertration Systems


Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.

72,000 GPD   144,000 GPD   216,000 GPD
Flow-Max Commercial water filters   144,000 Commercial Filter housing   216,000 GPD Jumbo Filter Housing
Sale price is now 1699.00
Sale price is now 1995.00
Sale price is now 2895.00


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Big Jumbo System

Big Bubba water system  

Heavy Duty Housing with 300 psi burst pressure.



Ideal housing for high flow rates or chemical compatibility issues. Rugged construction, glass reinforced polypropylene. Full line of proprietary cartridges with double o-ring seals for superior sealing. Two outlets to allow for more flexible installations.

Big Jumbo is an economical and unique water filtration system brought to you by BelKraft, premier maker of water treatment product proudly made in North America.


Will filter water down to 1 micron and can produce up to 216.000 GPD.


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We have many more units ranging in size from 36,000 gallons per day to 864,000 GPD.


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