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The German Muller Collection

The Cadillac of knives


MULLER 7 PC Knife Set with acrylic stand

Muller knives with acrylic stand


Ultra modern. Available in black or white.



muller knives


Looks stunning in any modern kitchen





MULLER 14 PC Knife Set with Oak Wood Block

Full Tang, High Quality Stainless Steel, Extra Sharp Blades, PAKKA Wood Handles

Muller knives and block





MULLER 24 PC Knife Set with Knife Case

Full Tang, High Quality, Superior to any knives available in stores.


Muller Cultery


Beautiful PAKKA Wood Handles

Full tang blades. Everything you will ever need in a knife collection.


Beware of the 'knock-offs'. There are many imitations of the authentic Muller cutlery on the internet. There is a way to tell if it is authentic. Call for details.





The HS Collection

The Rolls - Royce of Knives


Hammer Stahl knives


A Cut Above

Hammer Stahl knives are made in the tradition of the great German knife makers with a patented new design and a manufacturing process that allows our knives to be affordable. Hammer Stahl knives are coveted by professional chef's for their razor sharp cutting edge, hand forged quality and quad tang design which make it the more balanced knifes in the world today. The process starts in Solingen, Germany, where 440 high carbon stainless steel is hand forged and ice hardened for maximum strength and durability. Then the detailed process of applying the Pakkawood handles is meticulously done by hand. After grinding the blade to a razor sharp cutting edge, the knife is then polished, inspected and packaged.


The finished product is an incredible combination of beauty and functional design.
Reasons why Hammer Stahl is the best


  • Hammer Stahl is made from the highest quality 440 high carbon stainless steel. It is hand forged and ice hardened for superior edge and lasting durability.
  • Hammer Stahl has a unique quad tang design that gives the knife perfect weight and balance.
  • Hammer Stahl Pakkawood handles are infused with phenolic resin which combines the beautiful look of wood with the durability of plastic.
  • Hammer Stahl handles are ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip, which reduces fatigue.
  • All Hammer Stahl knives are heirloom quality and guaranteed for life.


The Full Collection

The full collection


Classic Collection

classic collection


Professional Collection



Gift Sets

AWF 2 PC Bamboo Case Set

AWF 3 PC Bamboo Case Set


Click HERE for the Hammer Stahl warranty


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Hammer Stahl German Cutlery

American Water Filter also carries the Messerstahl cutlery


The Blade - Crafted from French high carbon surgical stainless steel with Titanium is hot drop forged. Each blade is taper ground for maximum strength, sharpness and balance.


The Handle - Gracefully sculptured handles provide the safest and surest grip. This special seamless Polypropylene material is virtually indestructible, and easy to clean. The blade and handle are tested under 1000 pounds of pressure! Slip resistant finish and dishwasher safe.


The Bolster - Protects your fingers and knuckles. It also provides balance for ease and fatigue.


The Edge - hand-honed to give you a professional cutting edge.


Pride of Craftsmanship - Most knives can be assembled in hours. Every Messerstahl knife takes two months to make and requires over fifty hand done operations. A level of quality perfect for American Water filter.



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