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The truth about bottled water


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Why spend 3 to 4 dollars a day on bottled water when you can make unlimited quality freshly purified water far superior for as little as 24 cents a day or only .02 cents a pint?


With bottled water being poorly regulated it is often far worse than tap water. With the toxic plastics leaching into the water and the often presence of bacteria, bottled water is not something I would drink unless tap water was my only alternative.


Also because of the cost and the weight of carrying the water home, there are many things you would not normally use it for that a home purifier can provide. For example, cooking, washing vegetables and fruits, pets, plants, fish tank, coffee machine, humidifier and iron, making juice and ice cubes, etc.


bottled water in the sun (water baking in the sun)


Before you buy another bottle of water you should look into the facts.

Below is a list of things that will open your eyes to the truth on bottled water.


Bottled Water


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The truth about bottled water


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Things that you are probably not using your bottled water for.


From the Tap to the Bottle and Back Again


Don't freeze the bottles


Click HERE to see a pdf presentation on the facts and environmental impact.


How Green Is Your Water Bottle?


Latest Press Releases on Bottled Water


Flat water vs carbonated water



I absolutely love having a water purifier in my kitchen.

kitchen filter faucet


It takes up no space under my sink.

under counter water filter


Super easy to install.

filter hook-up


Even easier to maintain.


The only time I use my regular kitchen faucet is to wash a pan, rinse a plate or wet a cloth to wipe the counter. Everything else I use purified water for. Why not? With a purifier you have unlimited pure water at your disposal.



bottled water a poor choice