Full Water Solution Packages


Sourced from lake or river

Whole House BB with Universal Purifier
(From 53.00 a month – Click HERE for details)

Shower filter with Universal Purifier
(From 47.00 a month – Click HERE for details)

OPTION #3 (elite):

This package is for those who want the best of the best.

Six Stage softening shower filter and Stainless Universal Purifier
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sourced from ground aquifers

Option One:
Whole House Chlor-A-Soft and 6 Stage Mineral RO
(From 56.00 a month – Click HERE for details)

Option Two:
No-Salt Water Softener and Universal Purifier
(From 53.00 a month – Click HERE for details)

Option Three:
Shower filter and Universal Purifier
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Sand point – not hard

Whole House BB/UV system with Universal Purifier
(From 60.00 a month – Click HERE for details)



Deep well – hard with iron-sulphur

Premium softener with Six Stage Mineral RO
(From 59.00 a month – Click HERE for details)

Believe it or not, every well is like a finger print and is different from all other wells.

The most common things people need treatment for is Hardness, Iron, Sulphur or Sediment.

As there are over 2400 other know contaminants in ground water you have to choose what is a concern to you beyond basic treatment. (with a Mineral Reverse Osmoses you would have no need for worry, as this purifies the water down to 0.001 microns and removes all harmful chemicals)

The City or Township will often offer a free water analysis, but they only test for e-coli and coliform. It would cost a small fortune to test for all the other contaminants and at what levels they are currently at.

With well water treatment there are dozens of options and combinations to get you the best and safest possible water. Without a proper water analysis you would only be guessing as to what is needed and may spend money you didn’t need to spend.

You can either send in a water sample or purchase a test kit from us.

For city or town water click HERE

For well water click HERE

We will credit you for the test kit if you should purchase a system through us.
As factory direct distributors we can offer you the lowest possible price and still guarantee you the best possible quality and service.

For more information or to place an order, call 1-877-523-7800 or write to info@americanwaterfilter.com

If you own a well and would like information on disinfection procedures click HERE

For more information on well water CLICK HERE

Why should We Install A Whole House Water Filter?

Just Imagine if you could filter every drop of water to your home?

There would be no more hazardous chemicals in your drinking water, no more bathing or showering in chlorine, no more ugly stains in the bathtub, shower recess or toilet, no more stained or ruined clothes, no more corroded plumbing and appliances and no more bad tasting coffee. By installing a whole house water filter all these problems will be solved.

Those stains in the bathtub and toilet are caused when water is hard, containing minerals like magnesium and calcium. You may see staining on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing. You may also notice less lather from your shampoos and soaps and even a feeling of film on your skin. All these symptoms show the need for a whole house water filtration system.

Hard water also causes a higher risk of lime scale deposits in household water systems. Due to this lime scale build-up, water pipes are blocked and the efficiency of hot water boilers and tanks is reduced. This increases the cost of domestic water heating by about fifteen to twenty percent.

Another negative effect of lime scale is that it has damaging effects on household machinery, such as washing machines. Water filtration means expanding the life span of household appliances and pipelines. It also contributes to the improved working, and longer lifespan of solar heating systems, air conditioning units and many other water-based applications.

Filtering all the water in your home can help allergy sufferers. Go HERE to read more.

If a whole house system is not in your budget then I highly recommend a shower filter. Read HERE on why you should own a shower filter.

A quality kitchen water purifier together with a shower filter can cost as little as 368.00. From all the things you should invest in this should be on the very top of the list.

What is a Whole House Water Filter and How Does It Work?