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These are the questions I asked myself many years ago when searching for the ideal job:

Sometimes I still ask myself “What do I want to do when I grow up?” Because after 45 years I still can’t believe that what I do for a living is a real job.

I love what I do so much that I don’t consider it work.

First of all, independent American Water Filter distributors work for themselves but not by themselves. Even though it is like having your own company, you are never alone or without association, motivation or recognition. Helping others live longer, healthier lives is a very “feel good” career.

Believe it or not, some people get into the “health care” profession to help people. You know that your customers appreciate you when they buy from you year after year and refer all their friends and family to you. Would this happen if you were selling used cars, vacuums or life insurance?

When you set someone up with a product that will greatly benefit their health, and the health of their family, you know you’ve done a good thing.

People today know the importance of clean air and water, and that proper nutrition and eating the right foods will give them longer, healthier, disease free lives. 

Is there a future in this business? If your clients belong to you and no one can fire you, that helps. But what about financial security?

If someone invests in a water or air purifier with a lifetime warranty they need to replace the cartridge every 1 to 2 years. You are the only person they can buy this from as our product are not sold in stores and we do not sell to your clients.

Whether it takes you 5 or 15 years, once you have established around 1,000 clients with a water or air purifier, your guaranteed residual annual income will exceed $100,000.00 for the rest of your life. Could you retire on this?

As the water business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, you could make others aware of this opportunity and reach your goal in less than half that time.

What you can do with your own hands is limited, but with the hands of others is unlimited.

I have looked at dozens of great opportunities in my 45-year career selling air and water purifiers and waterless cookware. Many of them were promising, most of them are not around anymore. Sometimes grass can seem greener on the other side, but you have to ask yourself some important questions.

  1. Am I truly happy with what I am doing at the moment? Do I wake up excited about what the day will bring me?
  2. Can I improve, grow and increase my income every year, or am I limited to a fixed income?
  3. Is the work challenging and rewarding?
  4. Is their security with the company that I am associating with? Imagine the surprise of some clients who call in to our office after finding the phone number on their original contract from 50 years ago and hearing that we are still here to service them. How rare is that today?
  5. Am I excited about the products I am promoting? Can I sell them with honest enthusiasm?
  6. Is there income for my retirement or does it stop when I stop?

Many companies have tried hard in seducing me into joining them, but when I ask myself the above questions, they couldn’t offer me enough.

With American Water Filter there are five distinct programs to choose from. I personally like to dabble at all of them.

  • We have the ‘Bridal Program’. Every year there are new ‘brides to be’ and our Bridal Registry program is great. Over the years more than half my income was from women adding to their china, crystal or silverware that they had started before getting married. I know someone who does over three million a year in the Bridal Program. Cookware, cutlery and purifiers are popular wedding and shower gifts.
  • We have a ‘Dinner Program’. This is where the cookware is sold through cooking presentation either at shows, dinner shows in the home or ‘mini dinners’ one on one. It is called the ‘Health and Nutrition show’ and a lot of fun. The smart salesrep will throw in a purifier to close the sale. This way you are back every year to sell more products.
  • We have the ‘Standard Program’, which is direct sales using leads from trade shows and referrals. This is a one on one presentation showing any of the products that the client seems most interested in. The catalogue shows our entire line.
  • We have the ‘Naturopath Program’, where we have people in the health profession refer their patients to you. Most of these sales are water and air purifiers.
  • We have a ‘Management Program’ where we train you to train others and build a group of professional sales distributors. It is a lot of work and a lot of hours, but very satisfying and rewarding.
  • Today, online sales is the best way to go. We set you up with your own coupon code and you can use our website as your own selling tool. Or if you want your own site we can even help with that.

Whichever program fits your personality the best, either way, you want to be proud of what you do and you will always work harder for yourself than for someone else.

We have a proven program, supply you with the necessary tools to make it work, the finest literature, brochures, product and support in the industry.

We have had much success over the years with ethnic markets. Many of our top managers and sales reps came from the Philippines. For more info CLICK HERE.

If you would like to know more, you can call me personally and I would be happy to answer any questions. You can also click here to find out how you can retire within ten years in the water and air industry.

Ron Geyer

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“If you are doing what you have always been doing, then expect what you have always been getting.”