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VIBRANT HEALTH Starts With pH Balance!


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Your body is really no different than many other living bodies: 


•  Fish need the water that they swim in to be the correct pH - or they get sick and die.

•  Plants need the pH of the soil in which they live to be perfect in order to flourish. 

•  Even good old Planet Earth needs balance...the balance between ALKALINE oxygen and ACIDIC carbon dioxide.


And we all know what excess carbon dioxide emissions (imbalance) can do to the planet. 

We welcome you to discover how your body's pH level impacts your overall health. We also wish to help you rediscover what we at American Water Filter call vibrant health.


When you think of the word "Health", what comes to mind?


Some would consider themselves "Healthy" if they were simply free from weight issues, digestive problems, aches and pains, or had more energy. At American Water Filter, we strive to help people discover the kind of health that is far greater than simply not being ill. 


Here's why pH Balance is so core to your health...and your life:

Because LIFE only exists where there's balance, and your body is totally regulated by pH!  


Even though you are designed to operate in an alkaline state, your cells must produce acid in order to function.


Optimal health...LIFE...can be found when those two forces are in balance.  

When your body moves out of balance, LIFE takes a back seat.


Ultimately, when you discover pH Balance and get your body into this optimal state, you'll set the ENVIRONMENT for the 50 trillion cells that make up your body to thrive. Your skin cells will thrive, your blood cells will thrive, your muscle cells will thrive, your bone cells will thrive, your brain cells will thrive and on and on. 



VIBRANT CELLS are the building blocks of a VIBRANT BODY and VIBRANT HEALTH...

and it ALL starts with pH balance!