Water And Air Filter Testimonials

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We get letters occasionally from happy clients who have our water and air purifiers.
If you are happy with our products and want to share your experience, we would be grateful to hear from you.


May 2020
I have been a client since 1981 and have always been impressed with the level of service the company has given me.
I still use my purifier daily and happy there is another 9 years left on my 50 year warranty.
I have also ordered other things from the company over the years and they are still like new.
Ottawa Ont.

March 2019
Dear Ron, It is truly a gift to be part of your permanent customer base, a thank-you from the heart. The upgrade of the faucet is a reflection of American Water Filter and the CanAm Wellness Group.
May you be blessed in kind trifold. We are left speechless but will speak to others and highly recommend you.
Marc and Nicole Page


February 2019
Name: Mr Derek J E Hilton
Comments: Thank you I am so pleased with your Products I do not think there is any better in the world. You should be doing a Trade Deal with the U.K.

July 2018
We’re quite happy with the system and water coming out of it (including from the extra kitchen sink fountain/filter), we can definitely taste, smell and feel (especially in the shower) the difference.
Thanks for everything.
Guy Lefebvre


Colonnade Management

We had 16 new kitchenettes installed at 250 Trembley Rd. Ottawa Ontario for Public Services America.

In May 2009 Ron Geyer installed 16 under counter water purifiers at a price far less than any other water filtration company. Since then they have come faithfully every six months to service and maintain all the units.

We have only had one problem with one of the units and Ron came the same day to fix it.

At another time there was some water main construction causing some of the cartridges to clog. Ron came immediately to wash the cartridges.

We have been so impressed with the quality of the water and the service that we also had Ron come and do work at our office building at Holland Cross.

I highly recommend this company for water purification in any office building.

Chris Anderson
Building Operator
Colonnade Management


I called to resolve a problem with my ice maker machine. It was clogging up and needed service every three months. They came highly recommended by a close friend and when Ron arrived I was surprised as I have known him for 10 years but didn’t know he was into water filtration.

He plumbed in a system that will not only protect my machine but also make the cubes with purifier water.

For many years we had a very bad smell coming from around that area and I never could find the source. It was driving me nuts and many customers had complained about it. Ron discovered that the ice maker had a drain that was dripping into an open drain pipe and that was where the smell was coming from. He sealed it up and the smell stopped instantly.

I was very surprised that my bill came to $299.00 for everything and that he said all future service calls are free. This is not something I’m used to.

To all restaurant and bar owners who need water treatment I highly suggest you call Ron from CanAm Wellness.

Stars Restaurant Ottawa


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with our filtered water system. You told me that water would never taste the same again, and you were right. We thoroughly enjoy our drinking water and our twin 6-year old boys serve themselves! I also appreciate your ongoing service and your genuine concern for our health and well-being. I look forward to adding filters to the rest of our taps!

Terry Vida


Feb. 2012
Hi Ron,
The water unit is fantastic. I have not drunk so much water since leaving B.C.I love the taste and my system wants more.
I took your advice and put the air unit in my bedroom. I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. Both great products, I am pleased.
Thank you for your generosity and for your time. Please feel free to drop for a visit if you are ever out this way.
Greatly appreciated,
Nancy, Jasmine, Betty and Misty. Carleton Place Ontario


Re: My Purchase of a BelKraft 2000 Water Purifier
To whom it may concern, I have tested this Filter on my Cistern& Well Water. It removes the Chlorine taste and smell from by Cistern Water, that I have hauled from the City and and the Sulfur (Rotten Egg Smell) from my well water.
I can not believe the difference in the taste. I now have sweet super tasting water directly from my well, thanks to you.
Bob Fletcher
Millet, AB


Good Morning Ron,
I am very happy that I bought a water filter from you. Thank you for installing it for us. We live in the country and the well water is terrible, full of sulfur and other harmful bacteria’s. We now enjoy healthy filtered water thanks to our AWF water filter. I drink so much more water that I have actually lost weight since it was installed. I cook with it and use it to rinse all my vegetables. My recycling has been cut in half because I no longer have to buy bottled water.
I highly recommend this product to everyone, the service is great and it pays for itself.
Dr. and Mrs. M Begin


Years ago I had bought a water purifier from you for my cottage. I was so impressed with it that I ordered another one for my dental clinic with the cooler. My staff appreciate knowing that they can have as much purified water as they want without worrying about running out of bottles.

Since then I have had the rep install a unit in my condo in Ottawa and two shower filters.
The quality of the products and service is second to none and I highly recommend them
Dr. Paul Greenacre


Good evening Ron,
I find it very interesting you should send me this e-mail today. Yesterday I turned in a sample of water to the Mobile Park’s plumber who in turn has turned it over to the Park Manager. I hope they are having my water tested. I don’t want to wash in it, wash my cloths or even wash my dishes, but I have no choice. The water that comes from my pipes smells of turpentine and the taste is like the smell. I drank one glass one evening (that was when I found there was a problem) and for several hours felt very ill. I was using Brita filters and even with that, I knew there was a terrible problem because of the taste and smell. The water is worse than that now that I am not filtering any water at all. The water issue in my home is alarming and hopefully it will be resolved soon.
Thank you for sending the information to me.
Clare Scott

(Clare now is a happy owner of the BelKraft 2000 water purifier)


Hi Ron,
I can’t believe the difference. The smell is completely gone and it tastes great. Thanks so much for installing this for me. I will tell others in the park how effective this filter is.’


My doctor discovered that my health problems were due to a lack of minerals in my body.
She told me it was because I was drinking reverse osmosis water, which removes all the health minerals from my drinking water.
She referred me to Ron Geyer to remove my RO system and install their purifier. As this system purifies water without removing all the calcium and natural minerals, my health has improved and the water even tastes better.
I was so impressed with the professional service that I also ordered their shower filter.
I will be recommending this company not just because of the friendly helpful service, but also because of the quality products and reasonable prices.
Maria Dutrisac


From: Paul Merckx
Kelowna, BC
To: Ron Geyer
Kelowna, December 20, 2012
Re: Severe Skin Condition Treatment

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been diagnosed, more than 10 years ago, with Polycythemia Vera, blood disorder in which the bone marrow makes too many blood cells. A classic symptom of that disease is severe skin pruritus, after exposure to water, which may be due to abnormal histamine release.

In my personal case, my skin suffered excruciating pain, after every bath or shower, making me feel something like thousands of ants biting all over my body.
I was living in the constant obsessive fear of taking the next bath or even washing myself. I became deeply depressed and lost completely joy of life.

Medical doctors, even many dermatologists, couldn’t really help. They prescribed a large array of antihistaminic drugs. However, even the strongest ones couldn’t eliminate the pain, while having strong side effects, like severe drowsiness.

One day I discovered accidentally that 99% filtered water didn’t cause any suffering after bath. I first bought ordinary water filters sold in general stores, which were completely inefficient. Finally I discovered, thanks to the Internet, the BelKraft Custom Eclipse shower Filter, having over 95% filtering capacity, which makes my shower/bathing absolutely painless. Of course, it progressively loses his filtering capacity, depending of the local municipality water composition and the skin sensitiveness of every person. In my very sensitive case and my municipality where water is very bad, I must replace it every 6 month.

I have also bought the Universal water purifier which I also use to wash my face and hands and of coarse to consume.
I am very grateful to this company, for the quality of their high end product, as well as for their very helpful staff.

Best regards,
Paul Merckx

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Some of our clients include:

Alberta Health Services

NRC (National Research Council of America)

DFO (Fisheries and Oceans America)

Noble Plumbing

Boone Plumbing

Preston Hardware

Carleton University (Robertson Hall Archive Room)

CCNM (The American College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Colonnade Management(see testimonial above of page)

CBSA (America Border Services Agency)

City of Charleston (Water Treatment Dept.)

O.C.S.C.C. (Apollo Property Management)

Northern Lights Regional Health Centre

CLWG (Facility Planning and Design)

CAAD (Community and Aboriginal Affairs)

AFOAC (Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of America)

EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Agency)

FCM (Federation of American Municipalities)

Ledcor Construction Limited

WF Mechanical Contracting Inc.

KPMB Architects

Koppert America Limited


CCIO (Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre)

PIPSC (The Professional Institute of the Public Service of America)

SALON YOU (hair salon)

CBRE America (Realty and Property Management)

Ottawa OPP (Ottawa Detachment)

Holistic Cooking Academy of America

Green Acres Inn, Kingston, ON

ByWard Blue Inn, Ottawa, On

Fisher Scientific America, Ottawa, On

Holiday Inn, Point Claire Quebec

Plus hundreds of doctors and satisfied clients in the health profession


The doctor who discovered the E coli bacteria in the town’s water supply in Walkerton, upgraded his home water purifier from a reverse osmosis to our 4 stage ceramic purifier.

The college for Naturopathic Doctors in Toronto have the 15″ surgical steel water purifiers on every floor and in every kitchen.

Our water filter cartridges holds Certification, Accreditation, or Membership
with the following Agencies:

ISO 9002 Quality Standard
National Sanitation Foundation standards 42 and 53
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Water Quality Association
Department of Health (Toronto, America)
Spectrum Labs (Minneapolis, USA)
Water Research Council (UK)
British 5750 Quality Standard
England’s Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards
California Department of Health
Over 50 Independent Laboratories Worldwide


I would be grateful for any testimonial. Send it to me directly. ron@americanwaterfilter.com

Sometimes I run into clients who will find a similar replacement cartridge online for less money.

The problem is in the shipping. Inside our cartridges is a solid carbon block. If the cartridge is shipped without a lot of packing material the carbon rod can crack and there is no way to tell, as it is inside the ceramic. We also order our cartridges by pallet, thus minimizing any chance of breakage. We then inspect each cartridge closely and wrap them in special packaging to ensure it is prefect when is arrives to you. We also warranty our products. This extra care is worth an extra few dollars.