How the System Works

Developed by Doulton of England, the microporous ceramic element, combined with the latest extruded carbon-block technology, effectively removes waterborne bacteria and toxic chemicals – efficiently and 100% naturally.

The heart of every BelKraft Water Purifier is its exclusive steralizing element. The ceramic element uses the natural properties of highly specialized diatomaceous earth (Kieselguhr), which is extruded and fired into a hollow porous matrix.

  1. Tap water under pressure, flows from outside toward the inside of the sub-micron ceramic element.
  2. Impurities unable to penetrate through the microscopic channels of the ceramic matrix, such as bacteria, Cryptosporidium and other micro organisms, are simply trapped on or near the surface of the element.

3. Bacteria-free water enters through the core of the highly activated extruded carbon block – another natural component of Doulton’s ceramic element, which is used to reduce chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals, as well as taste and odors which may be present in your water.

Throughout this molecular process water retains the high-oxygen content and natural minerals that gives it its spring-fresh flavor.

4. In addition, both negative (-) and positive (+) adsorptive forces are permanently induced into the ceramic and carbon media to remove oppositely charged contaminants even smaller than those removed by the micro-straining action.

5. Impregnation of the ceramic element with silver renders its surface bacteriostatic – that is, bacteria cannot grow on the surface. This ensures that you can change or clean the cartridge with no fear of contamination. In contrast to the silver which is used in activated carbon filters, the silver in the ceramic element is in a form which will not readily leach out, so its effectiveness exceeds the life of the element.

The final stage is the Heavy Metal removing compound that reduces lead, Mercury, Aluminum, etc.

You know it’s working

Unlike ordinary charcoal or carbon filters that let most of the impurities pass through without clogging, this element does clog, due to its sub-micron filtration capabilities. Over time, impurities trapped on the surface of the element will begin to restrict the water flow, indicating the need for cleaning or changing.

An important feature of the element is its capability to be cleaned. Frequency of cleaning depends on the quality of the water supply but a simple scrub with a stiff brush or nylon scouring pad will restore the element to a clean condition – another Doulton exclusive.


The element is capable of producing approximately 1,200 gallons of the highest quality drinking water – good for about nine months to a year for most families. Actual usage depends on the amounts and kinds of impurities in tap water. Cartridge replacement is as simple as changing a light bulb.

As a registered BelKraft ceramic water filter owner you will also receive a reminder when it’s time to replace your filter replacement element.

Setting the Standards

BelKraft water purifiers have been tested and certified to The World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. EPA-approved laboratory standards, European-approved laboratory standards and the national laboratory standards of over 50 countries. In fact, they are the only products in this industry to meet the rigid standards of ISO 9000.

Exceeds ANSI / NSF Standard 53 criteria for cyst reduction (100% removal of Giardia and Crypto oosysts) and CDC / EPA guidance on drinking water for people with severely weakened immune systems.

The future holds no promise for safe drinking water. The only promise is in BelKraft’s continued pledge, achieved through the best in technology combined with enduring craftsmanship, to make the world’s most effective bacteria free water purifiers.

All at a small fraction of the cost of nationally advertised bottled water !

More detailed information on how the ceramic works