Why Should You Replace The Cartridge?

Because the ceramic cartridges are washable, and even long after the expiry date and the water still tastes great, the cartridge needs replacing for a few reasons.

First, the media that fights the bacteria has a shelf life. The moment the cartridge is wet it should not be used after two years, even if it was not used. (such as in the case of cottagers or people who have it for travel)

Second, the media that removes all the heavy metals will be saturated long before the carbon block, as this is a ion exchange method of removal.

Years after the cartridge has expired the carbon block will still remove a large percentage of chlorine (which often will give people the impression it still working because the water will still taste great) but the finer chemicals such as the pharmaceuticals, are no longer being fully removed.

A Universal Full Spectrum ceramic works out to a cost of about 95.00 a year. This is about 25% of the average cost of bottled water. Your health is the most important thing you own, so it is not a large investment to have the best possible water by replacing your cartridge.

Another benefit is that when you replace your cartridge on time with a genuine American Water Filter cartridge, you maintain the 50 year warranty on your system.

The BelKraft 2000 and the Slimline have a cartridge that lasts 12 months.
The Universal systems has an 18 month cartridge.
The 2015 and 2020 systems have a two year cartridge.

In the case of the system being used in an office or business, that cartridge should be replaced sooner, as the max it can do is about 4800 liters. (1300 gallons)
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