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BelKraft 2000 Water Purifier



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Why is the BelKraft 2000 water purifier the best purifier in the world?


What is worse than paying too much for a purifier is paying too little.

When it comes to water filtration you often get what you pay for.

Whether it's a 10 stage Reverse Osmosis or a distiller for one to five thousand dollars, or a twenty dollar Brita, all filters have pros and cons and you should always give careful thought into what you're looking for.


Here are some of the benefits of the BelKraft 2000 and why we think it's the best purifier in the world:



No other purifier on the market can do all this


stages to the doulton full spectrum ceramic filter  

Stage one - washable Doulton made ceramic pre-filter made from the finest and purest kieselguhr or diatom earth


Stage two - silver oxide destroys viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and fungi and prevent bacteria growth


Stage three - solid carbon block made from high quality carbon blends obtained from different raw materials such as lignite, bituminous coal and coconut shells.


Stage four - The final stage is the Heavy Metal removing compound that reduces Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, etc.


Click HERE for more detailed information on how the ceramic works



Washable Cartridge

washable doulton ceramic

On the left shows how easy it is to wash the ceramic surface.

On the right is a cartridge I recently replaced for a client.


The surface was completely black, but when I scratched it with my nail it was the same white colour as a new cartridge.


Nice to see what you didn't have to drink.

image of dirty doulton ceramic


With the deluxe faucet kit there are no chances of a leak

Elegant water filter faucet kit



Lots of different faucets to choose from

filter faucets quality water filter faucets


Enhance the beauty of your kitchen with a matching faucet

matching kitchen water filter faucet image



Optional counter top with dual hose

BelKraft 2000 water filter image

The benefit of the dual hose allows you to place the unit anywhere on the counter.

Take it with you when you travel. Attaches to any faucet.



Three other stainless steel purifiers to choose from

2015 stainless steel water filter

The 2015 and 2020 have custom made Doulton ceramic cartridges that can last over two years

Ideal for larger families and commercial use


Stainless steel water filter jpg

The BelKraft Stainless Universal has a cartridge that lasts 18 months

Very popular for offices - 50 year warranty


space saving water filter

Plus simple to install and maintain

BelKraft 2000 under counter water purifier. Stainless steel water filter


Over the last 45 years, we have established over 500.000 satisfied clients. We are very proud of the fact that we have never had one complaint on the internet. We service what we sell with 100% satisfaction.