Win The Purifier For Free

It took many years of research and development to put together a purifier we could put a full 50 year warranty on.
We are proud to say we feel this is the highest quality purifier on the market today.
Most filters are made in Asia or have parts from there.
If anyone can show me a higher quality purifier which would include the quality of the housing, the connectors and the cartridge, I will gladly ship this unit to you for free.
Here are some of the features that make this American made purifier better quality than anything I have yet to find:

Call us at 613-523-7800 or send a link showing a better quality system and that makes better quality water, and we would be happy to send you this unit for free.
To this day we are still waiting to send one out.

Why would we do this? We want to tell our clients that this is the best quality possible. If there is better, we want to learn from it and make the necessary improvements if possible.


Consider the rest, then go with the best.