Why Buy Factory Direct?


First of all, you came to us.

We did not meet you at a $3,000 trade show.

We did not have to hire a telemarketer to call you for an appointment to send over a high commissioned sales rep.

We did not have to spend time doing a presentation for you and your friends.

We do not have to throw in gifts and products to motivate you to buy tonight.

Bottom line: How much profit should we make to pack up and ship you a filter? What do you think would be a fair profit for 15 minutes of work when you came to us? (NOT THOUSANDS!!)

The internet allows us to shop around and find the best quality for the lowest possible price. There is no longer any reason to pay more than what you should for anything.

We are, and always have been, a zero overhead company. In all our years we have never spent one cent in advertising. By eliminating all overhead and advertising costs we can ship the world’s best purifiers to you for the lowest possible price.

Thousands of people have invested in our systems and now, thanks to the internet, you can save a bundle on investing in quality surgical steel filter directly from the factory. Where else can you invest into a high quality American made water filter with a 50 year warranty for as little as 299.00?

Call now and save hundreds of your hard earned dollars.