NIMROD Countertop Model: NIMROD Countertop


Free standing water filter design allowing filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from the same faucet.
The Nimrod is the latest countertop model to join the American Water Filter family. State of the art design combined with the very latest advances in water filtration technology make the Nimrod the most advanced countertop water filter available today.
Like other American Water Filter designs the Nimrod can easily be fitted to your existing faucet, however we added a number of additional innovative features providing improved performance over the conventional design. An LED display panel provides a display of filtration performance while a cartridge life indicator tells you when to replace the ceramic filter element to guarantee optimum filtration performance.
In addition a new style of 2¾ inch diameter ‘Full Spectrum’ filter element has been developed to fit the Nimrod. This element provides lead and chlorine removal and high levels of bacteriological and particulate performance usually associated with the American Water Filter name. The ‘Full Spectrum’ cartridge also provides improved water flow rates, increased filtration capacity and longer filter life than the standard 4 stage ceramics.
NIMROD LED display panel:
• Increased filtration capacity
• Cartridge life indicator
• Continuous filter performance monitoring easy
• Easy installation on existing water faucet
• State of the art Countertop design