Universal Dual system for Fluoride (under counter)


This is the most economical under sink purifier you will find that gives you the best possible water.

  • Made in America
  • 50 year warranty
  • all food grade materials
  • lead free brass connectors
  • braided ice-maker flex hoses
  • washable ceramic cartridge (lasts 18 to 24 months)
  • shut-off valve and wrench
  • easy to install
  • can convert to a under counter unit

Proudly American made. Leak proof and solid.

Super easy to install. Simply remove flex-hose at cold water pipe and connect the T-split. Then just screw on the hose to the end of the faucet and your done.

First housing has a dedicated fluoride cartridge. The second housing has the Full Spectrum 4 stage washable ceramic.

The combination of these two cartridges will remove the highest amount of chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and fluoride. All while still allowing the free flow of all natural dissolved minerals.