What is a ‘Boil Water Alert’?

What is a ‘Boil Water Alert’?

Many people who are notified that there are microbes and bacteria in their water such as E-coli or coliform, are told to boil the water. Unfortunately, by the time they are informed of this, the contaminated water is already at their tap and it’s too late.

So why boil the water and what does it do?

Boiling water for 5 minutes will kill the microbes that the chemicals they put in our water did not. So the City or Township will fix the problem by increasing the toxic chemicals to kill the microbes. Many are chlorine resistant, such as Cryptosporidium, and the chemicals have no effect.

I have been told that boiling water can actually increase the concentration of the heavy metals. I also have run into people who were under the impression that boiling will eliminate the chemicals.  This is not the case.

What about showering where you can absorb more chemicals than from drinking? What about washing vegetables, making juice, ice cubes, brushing teeth etc.? All very inconvenient to do with boiled water. What about after they resolve the problem by increasing the toxic chemicals in the water?

I asked the City I live in what would happen if they lowered the chemical percentages, and they asked me where I live. Then they told me that the water travels through many kilometers of pipes and can up to 6 weeks to reach my tap. Then I thought, it would be much easier to remove all the chemicals they have to add to my water than high levels of bacteria. My water purifier removes about 99% of most of the chemicals and 100% of the microbes.

Click HERE to read about City tap water and what they need to do to make the water SAFER to drink.

Then what if you are warned not to drink the water, even if you boil it? I just got this article sent to me that the people in Iqaluit are told not to drink the water period, because there is gas in the water. This is a people who always assumed they had the best possible water.

‘Don’t drink the water’: Iqaluit drinking water supply possibly tainted with petroleum hydrocarbons

Click HERE to read about this. So what did we do to help these people? Instead of sending them a simple water purifier to remove the petroleum, our government spent another ton of money we taxpayers have to cover, to ship 80.000 litres of chlorinated water. Yes. Chlorinated water. Something I still would never drink.

I was told that people on well water and lakes and rivers never know if there are benzines in the water, as often the levels are too low to smell and can only be found in a water analysis. If someone empties the gas in their lawnmower or boat because it’s too old, one liter of gas can contaminate one million litres of ground or lake water to an unfit level for consumption.

There is a very simple solution to all this. Buying a water purifier for as little as 299.00 will protect you and your family from chlorine, chemicals and benzenes.

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